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By using StoryinArt.com, you agree to the following legal terms of use and our privacy policy.  These legal terms may be updated from time to time with immediate effect without prior notification to the existing customers.  We encourage customers to periodically review these terms for changes.  If you cannot agree to these legal terms, please terminate use of this site.  By using this site and purchasing products, you agree to be bound by the following terms.

Rights to Content:

All work (art, photographs, video, music, design, name, etc.) on this site is copyright of David DiPaola.  You may not download, copy, reproduce, display, republish, distribute, transmit, exploit, sell or make derivatives of any work from this site without written consent from David DiPaola.  Any unauthorized use will be subject to civil and/or criminal penalties to the full extent of the law.

Use of Website:

This website is for personal enjoyment, education and purchases.  Story in Art works diligently to ensure the website is functional and easy to use.  Should you encounter any difficulty, please contact us so we can resolve the issue.

No Warranties:

Despite Story in Art’s diligence to provide a highly functional site, we cannot guarantee nor represent your experience will be error free, uninterrupted and you will achieve the result you desire.  You agree to use this site “as is” and to report any problems you encounter via the contact page so they can be resolved.  We provide no warranty of site functionality.  However, if there are any errors in payment for products purchased through this site, we will work to resolve issues quickly after being notified.

Story in Art assumes no responsibility nor liability for damage caused to your computer equipment, property, software and data from viruses or other malicious software.  Story in Art uses a high quality, professional server by a third party with reasonable controls in place to provide a functional site free of malware.  Furthermore Story in Art uses PayPal and WooCommerce to provide secure payment for purchases.  However, this cannot guarantee an issue will never occur.  By using this site, you are also bound by the terms of use and privacy policy of PayPal and WooCommerce for protection of your personal data.

Limitation of Liability:

David DiPaola nor employees of Story in Art shall not be liable for damages of any kind, expenses and loss of profits arising out of your use of this website, your purchases from it or any links you follow from this website.  You use this website and make purchases at your own risk.  Should the art work you purchase be damaged in shipment, you have the option to return it for a full refund or request a replacement.  If the work is not suitable to your tastes, you can return it within 30 days.

You agree to not bring litigation of any kind against David DiPaola and Story in Art for use of this website and purchases made.  You waive your right to use the judicial system (arbitration, trial, etc.) and will settle all matters between you and David DiPaola without use of legal means in the US or abroad.

Additional Conditions:

You agree to only post an accurate review of a product if a purchase is made.  Your review shall not to contain language that is profane, unlawful, threatening, defamatory, obscene nor discriminatory of any kind.  Should you not adhere to this policy, your review and comments may be removed and future business with you may be denied.

Story in Art may modify or discontinue this website at its discretion without notification to you.  Story in Art reserves the right to terminate accounts of users that are abusive, unfair, untrustworthy, discriminatory, obscene, threatening and unlawful.

Story in Art will never discriminate against individuals for any reason such as race, gender, religion, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, etc.

Story in Art may contain links and affiliate links to other websites.  These are websites that Story in Art finds useful and appear to be trustworthy.  However, Story in Art and David DiPaola can never fully validate the security and quality of any third party site.  You agree to follow these links at your discretion and sole risk.  Story in Art is not responsible for any content published or provided by third party websites.

This website is governed by the laws in the state of Delaware and Maryland and of the United States of America.  This website may be accessed by an international community but our products may or may not be available for purchase in your country.  Should any question arise, please contact us via e-mail before you place your order.

Story in Art does not guarantee that all work is appropriate for all audiences.  For example, a 3 year old child may be scared by an animal catching its meal.  Parents are responsible to monitor their children’s use of this website.  This is no profanity, obscenity nor nudity of any kind.  Parents are responsible to monitor and review purchases of persons under the age of 18.

Privacy Policy:

Your information will only be used to communicate with you regarding your purchases and returns and to inform you about future products that may be of interest to you.  Your information will not be shared with or sold to any third parties not mentioned here.  Woo Commerce, PayPal (including Braintree a subsidiary of PayPal), OptinMonster and AWeber are third parties used to provide functionality to this site.  A portion or all of your information may be collected by these above mentioned third parties as part of the payment process or your optin to email subscriptions.  Their terms and conditions and privacy policies also apply.  PayPal is one of the most trusted names in ecommerce and Woo Commerce is the most used plug-in to provide ecommerce capability to online merchants. Their reputation is excellent for online security.

By purchasing a product from Story in Art, you agree to subscribe to our e-mail list.  You can unsubscribe at any time using the unsubscribe link in promotional e-mails.  We will never spam your inbox with information to drive up sales.  We want to build a trustful relationship with you over time.

Story in Art makes reasonable efforts to safeguard the confidentiality of personal information.  However, we cannot guarantee no unauthorized acts from a third party will occur.  You agree to not hold Story in Art nor David DiPaola liable for damage caused by unauthorized acts or errors in transmission.

In the cases of a legal investigations and charges against users of this site, Story in Art will cooperate with authorities and provide information required by US and state law.

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